The Suite Spot Membership Club
Elizabeth Correia

The Suite Spot Membership Club

Elizabeth Correia

Welcome to The Suite Spot Membership Club

A Resource Hub for New Coaches and Service-Based Businesses

What is The Suite Spot?

The Suite Spot is the ultimate membership club for new (or aspiring) female coaches, consultants, trainers and service-based businesses with a small audience, use branding and business techniques to build and launch their profitable products and services. 

All it takes to move from PASSION to PROFIT and make a massive impact in people’s lives is confidently playing in your strengths and sharing your expertise with your ideal audience.

The Suite will get you feeling confident in your unique gifts so that you can actually sell your services (and feel GOOD doing it!).

Are you ready to use your story to connect with like-minded people who feel inspired and heard by your words (leading them to buy from you)?

LIVE training videos in the Suite are scheduled on a bi-weekly basis with easy-to-follow and done-for-you templates, resource lists, and worksheets. 

All training takes place online inside a private membership site (right here). Students can also connect with one another to view the training videos and complete assignments together.

The Suite includes interactive components where Elizabeth answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that the Bella’s take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.


The Suite will move you from PASSION to PROFIT through business, branding, health and finance.

If your life calling is to use your story and gifts to equip others while you heal, learn and grow into your OWN purpose and calling, this is the community for you!

You Are Exactly Where You Belong!

This is your one-stop platform for connections, inspiration, LIVE bi-weekly and pre-recorded trainings, masterclasses, LIVE Q & A’s and guest speakers to help you turn your visions into reality and build a successful business while having fun. This is your space to vision, plan and execute on your goals. 


 Being a member of the Suite Spot Membership Club, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on courses or training, because we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy instant lifetime access to your complete library of training modules, video call recordings, templates, workbooks, checklists, training videos and more. Choose to work as a group, or explore freely at your own pace. It’s all tailored for practical use, saving you time and keeping you motivated. 


Accountability & Encouragement

(From Fellow Boss Bella's)

You don’t have to do it alone. Inside the Suite you will be able to connect with other Bella’s and have direct access to the Founder – Elizabeth Correia along with a supportive community.

Monthly Goal Setting Masterclasses

Training and sessions by Elizabeth herself. When you join, you will receive instant access to every masterclass and a brand new LIVE training bi-weekly.

Live Training Sessions

Gain insight and motivation as you are walked through a specific topic that will catapult you FORWARD! 

Monthly LIVE Q&A 

Once a month, you will have an opportunity to ask Elizabeth your specific questions, and receive personalized coaching. Look forward to two super-motivating hours of mentorship on all things business personal development, marketing strategy, online techniques for new and aspiring women entrepreneurs like you. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get ACTION steps on what you’re learning or implementing in your life and business so that you can create momentum to keep pushing forward.

Templates, Workbooks & Checklists

Exercises to help you advance in all essential areas, from becoming more confident to raising your visibility, to executing a life and business you love. This will get you that much closer to your complete UP-LEVEL.

Guest Speakers & Facilitators

Subjects and content are subject to change. Guest speakers and instructors will be added to certain sessions. 

Suite Spotlights

We celebrate our Bella's in the Suite!

The Suite 'Monthly Planning' Masterclass

We’ll help and equip you with a planning workbook to create a game plan to stay on track with your goals and tasks at the beginning of each month. This is a LIVE online session that will be held at the end of each month.

"I created this club because I'm deeply committed to your success" - Elizabeth Correia

A community like this was exactly what I needed 5+ years ago. Starting a business can be a lonely journey and for me, it was. So.... I've created this club to serve you with the tools, tips and support to help make your dreams and visions a reality.  Plus, you’ll have a safety net to fall back on those days when you need direction, guidance and advice.

With a supportive community, the right resources and a transformational mentor by your side, there is no longer any limit to how good your life can get, or to how much you can contribute to the world.

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